nose is used as the test runner. Use easy_install or pip to install:

pip nose

Configuring against your server

To test this library, we must perform XML-RPC requests against an actual WordPress server. To configure against your own server:

  • Copy the included wp-config-sample.cfg file to wp-config.cfg.
  • Edit wp-config.cfg and fill in the necessary values.

Running Tests

Note: Be sure to have installed nose and created your wp-config.cfg.

To run the entire test suite, run the following from the root of the repository:


To run a sub-set of the tests, you can specify a specific feature area:

nosetests -a posts

You can run against multiple areas:

nosetests -a posts -a comments

Or you can run everything except a specific area:

nosetests -a '!comments'

You can use all the normal nose command line options. For example, to increase output level:

nosetests -a demo --verbosity=3

Full usage details:

Contributing Tests

If you are submitting a patch for this library, please be sure to include one or more tests that cover the changes.

if you are adding new test methods, be sure to tag them with the appropriate feature areas using the @attr() decorator.