Custom XML-RPC Methods

See the WordPress Codex for details on how to write a WordPress plugin that adds custom XML-RPC method to WordPress.

The following examples will use the sample methods from that codex page.

Anonymous Methods

To use the mynamespace.subtractTwoNumbers method, create a class derived from wordpress_xmlrpc.AnonymousMethod:

from wordpress_xmlrpc import AnonymousMethod

class SubtractTwoNumbers(AnonymousMethod):
        method_name = 'mynamespace.subtractTwoNumbers'
        method_args = ('number1', 'number2')

This class can then be used with

from wordpress_xmlrpc import Client

client = Client('', 'harrietsmith', 'mypassword')
difference =, 5))
# difference == 5

Authenticated Methods

If your custom authenticated method follows the common method(blog_id, username, password, *args) structure, then you can use wordpress_xmlrpc.AuthenticatedMethod:

from wordpress_xmlrpc import AuthenticatedMethod

class GetUserID(AuthenticatedMethod):
        method_name = 'mynamespace.getUserID'

Again, this class can then be used with

user_id =
# user_id == 3

Note that you do not have to supply blog_id, username, or password to the class constructor, since these are automatically added by AuthenticatedMethod. Custom method classes only require arguments specified by method_args and the optional optional_args.